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XCOM began development in tandem with Bioshock 2’s DLC. The project began with rapid location layout, reference gathering and outsource specifications for grey-block models. The game evolved from a first person investigation game into a third person tactical game and was renamed as The Bureau. Associated work changed as well with the more tactical focus of the game many locations were handed over to be reworked and polished to fit the new gameplay paradigm.

During full production, responsibilities included environment and character work as well as working with the FX/Tech teams for specialized shading solutions and managing the master material library. We notably evaluated and switched from Unreal 3’s lightmass to Geomeric’s Enlighten dynamic global illumination system and rolled the new system out to the team.

The last year of development was spent working remotely for 2K Marin from the Firaxis offices in Baltimore, MD. Although not working with the Firaxis team directly I benefited greatly from their inspiring working culture as they worked to deliver XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Tech/Environment Artist

The Bureau:Xcom Declassified is a third person tactical shooter video game developed by 2K Marin for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Originally created as a spiritual successor to the original XCOM franchise it grew into its own brand. It was released August 2013.

  • Master Materials -  Management of game's primary shading materials.

  • Prototyping - Developing material solutions for multiple departments.

  • Tech Evaluation - Researching/prototyping new tech with programmers, most notably Enlighten GI lighting.

  • Problemsolving - Aiding Modelers and Level Architects in art implementation.

  • Outsource - Creating reference sheets and specifications.

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