Endgame is a science fiction trilogy written by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. The first book, Endgame: The Calling was published in October 2014, the sequel Skykey was released October 2015, and the final Rules of the Game was released December 2016. Each novel contains references to their own online puzzle hunt developed by the company Futuruption.

Art Director

  • Concept artwork - conceptual development for puzzles, marketing materials and other art pieces.

  • Production artwork - Deliver high quality and polished art across a wide range of targets, from realtime in OpenGL, to high quality composited renders.

  • Technical Implementation - Working with programmers to implement functional of puzzles and other web elements.


Working on Endgame meant being a principal artist for the online puzzle hunt, from initial conceptual design to full 3D implementation. Upon receiving the initial puzzle idea, I would create a range of proposals for the overall aesthetics and historical settings with reference sheets and concept paintings. Production involved modelling and texturing for either real-time rendering in OpenGL or pre-rendered plates depending on the needs of the puzzle. The position also meant art directing work done by other freelancers to ensure that the aesthetics and goals of the puzzle hunt were being met.

Note: As they are online treasure hunts, a majority of “Skykey” and “Rules of the Game” work is unavailable until the associated contest is either won or expires at the end of 2017 and 2018 respectively.





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