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Art Director

  • Foundation Aesthetics and Guidelines - writing art bibles and structuring technical guidelines for all game art.

  • World Building - establishing game design practices and building demo areas.

  • Technical Implementation - working with programmers and designers to ensure gameplay friendly art.

  • Art Team Growth - coordinating and nurturing artistic skills of approximately 35 freelance artists.

  • Team Creativity - encouraging creative initiative and collaboration on the team, arranging strike-teams for problem solving and holding "moonshot" contests to come up with engaging new ideas for the game.


Project Resurgence started as a small RPG passion project by Twitch streamer CohhCarnage, with a team mostly comprised of dedicated students and fledgling professionals. It needed distinct art direction for the game as well as nurturing of skills for the team members building it. Over the next year the team grew to almost 50 people, requiring coordination and communication across the virtual studio. The game has since been successfully kickstarted and entered full production.


Project Resurgence is a classic isometric RPG in development by Nectar Games Studios. It started as a passion project staffed by enthusiasts before being successfully kickstarted in February 2016. Originally built in Unity 4, it has transitioned over to Unreal Engine 4.

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